Know our Coffees

Origens do Brasil

It feels like home - sweet and peachy.
Origens do Brasil are grinded, light roast. It was dedicated to all families that truly deserves an amazing coffee, without losing the authenticity.

Available in 8.8 oz

Cerrado Mineiro

This grounded coffee with a medium roast, brings the best experience for your Coffee. A royal pure origin does not asks for any addition of sugar. A balanced taste, chocolate flavor, this one was chosen as our favorite.
This region of Minas Gerais is the first region to produce coffee in Brazil, responsible for 13% of the national production.

Available in 8.8 oz

Autêntico Parisiense

The French makes breakfast a little ritual, considering all the food handmade and decoration of beautiful flowers around. This coffee is a Pure Origin, has citrus fruits and very soft.
Delicate, medium roast. Unique!

Available in 8.8 oz


Gourmet coffee like everything that is French, this coffee is fine, with a light roast, soft with a background of stone fruits.
This drink brings the French refinement. Bon Appéit!

Available in 8.8 oz

Seleção Especial

The Café Nacional - Special Selection is 100% Arabica beans, perfect for an Espresso.
Of medium roasted, this grain ground at the time of consumption, guarantees all the characteristics and properties of that Coffee.

Available in 2,2 lbs